Monday, 23 January 2012

Pongal-2012 at kolli hills ( A SPECIAL ONE)

It was a great time for this pongal at kolli hills wandering with the guests, managing them for all three days made it really tiring. And finally for all that tiresome days, I fortunately got to take time to visit the Jalli kattu event at kolli hills, which is hosted only once in three years. With all my temptations boosted, waiting eagerly to reach the spot to witness the thrilling event. We finally reached and got the best for all the travel we made. It was a wonderful and a adventurous one seeing the men trying to control the geared up bulls taking injuries to nowhere and fighting for fame. The best part of it was, they all were fighting only for fame as the bets were only for a mere 50Rs. and few touching 500Rs.. Overall it was a great experience.


  1. Excellent article this is great news thanks to update. Overnight Prints

    1. It's great to have your comment. Seems like you are interested on updates bout kolli hills. Will be good if I could know bout you.

  2. Would like to know what is the tariff and also what are the transport arrangements and costs.